Cultural heritage

Seven Waves has developed a great deal of experience and expertise in the field of cultural heritage, with an emphasis on the Netherlands. Seven Waves has supported various citizen initiatives, and has also given support to owners of religious buildings who wanted to give a new future to their building (s). Seven Waves knows how to manage processes. And who to approach, and how a process, for instance on the future or church-buildings, can be converted from conflict to trust. If you have any challenges regarding the future of cultural heritage and how to deal with citizens and citizens’ initiatives, please contact us.

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Living heritage


Cultural Heritage Experience


  • Co-founder and secretary of the Task Force Future Church buildings, including policy plans, monitoring, strategy and implementation
  • Advisor to various local initiatives in the field of preservation and sustainability of church buildings
  • Co-initiator of the Open Churches campaign;
  • Development of business models and financing models for the future of church buildings as “living heritage”
  • Various articles and interviews in magazines, newspapers and magazines about cultural heritage, opinion, church managers and the future of heritage
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Who am I?

I am Rob Wolters, inspirator, connector and manager, and have been working passionately for several decades on shaping new social and economic paradigms, connections, innovations and partnerships, in which nature and sustainability are central. Both nationally and internationally.