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Seven Waves cooperates with other organizations, including:

  • Nature For Health Foundation, in the field of nature and health,
  • Triple E Natural Soil Improvement BV in the field of circular approaches and soil improvement, and
  • in the areas of cultural heritage.

Other institutional links, in past and present

2021 – present

Non-executive Board member Nature Museum Brabant 

2012 – present
Member of the General Board, Foundation Brabants Landschap

1997 – present
Chairman of various conferences, including European ministerial conferences and conferences on biodiversity and climate

1996 – present
Co-founder and board member EECONET Action Fund – purchasing fund for protection and restoration of nature areas in Europe

2014 – March 2018
Chairman of the “Biodiversity Works” Steering Group NWO (Dutch Organization for Scientific Research) and Ministries of Economic Affairs / LNV

2015 – 2017
Member of the Council of OpenNESS, International project Operationalization of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services

2013 – 2017
Member and rotating Chairman, Steering Committee Healthy Seas (“a story from waste to wear”)

2012 – 2017
Member of the Management Committee, European Topic Center on Biological Diversity of the European Environment Agency

1995 – 1997
President of the Executive Committee, Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy (UN and Council of Europe)