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Who am i?

Rob Wolters

Inspirator, connector and manager

| From vision to action | Nature & nature oriented innovations | Circular economy transitions | Health & Nature

A new world

We live in a world full of beauty, but also full of changes. A world where old paradigms no longer work and which – partly as a result – sometimes frightens.

A world with parallel major transitions in the areas of nature and agriculture, climate, circular economy, energy, health and social transformations. A world where people, organizations and companies are looking for new forms of anchoring and fulfillment.

I am Rob Wolters, inspirer, connector and manager, and have been working passionately for several decades on shaping new social and economic paradigms, connections, innovations and partnerships, in which nature and sustainability are central. Both nationally and internationally.

Inspirator, connector and manager


My goal and passion

This motivates me: working on a sustainable, healthy world in which people, nature and cultural heritage are fully respected, in every possible way.

My strength

I have extensive knowledge in the field of nature, circular economy, nature-oriented entrepreneurship and transition processes and I have large networks in Europe, on local action, and in nature and heritage.

People who know me describe me as an open, accessible person; a connector, both visionary and practical.

I am strong in interdisciplinary and practically applicable green concepts with direct application in the practice of policy, companies, knowledge institutions and government.

I am good at bringing together and motivating a large diversity of people, organizations and initiatives in joint and promotional visions and initiatives.

It greatly motivates me to help create positive energy and trust. And to then convert that energy and that confidence into concrete actions. From words to deeds. Deeds carried by people. Deeds that inspire new deeds and new forms of trust.

Through my experiences with working with many countries and many organizations, governments and companies, I speak the language of many sectors, from policy, industry, agriculture, fisheries, nature, recreation and tourism to the health sector. I help to translate policy, nature and sustainability challenges and circular approaches into manageable concepts.

What is my approach?

Connection to the core business and experience and language of the organization or company with which I collaborate is central to my approach. Creating trust is an essential element of that approach.

If economic development and profit are the driving factors, then I create situations where sustainability, social innovation and the market reinforce each other. If nature is central, I help bring nature to the center of attention and develop new ‘earning models’. When it comes to policy development and implementation, I ensure that that policy comes to life with the target groups. And that policy becomes practice.

Sevenwaves, from vision to action.


Seven Waves

The sea is full of waves. Waves that move, make the sea shine, waves that collide, and waves that crash on the coast. The sea would not be the sea without waves. They provide movement, tension, peace, they are messengers of change. Six waves have already immortalized themselves in the book of life and the seventh will meet the same fate.

The first of those waves was a creative wave. She was the mother of all waves. The second wave pushed the first life forms onto the land, telling them that the sea and land remain inseparable. The third wave played in the middle of the ocean with other waves, and stayed there. She was perfect and full of beauty.

The fourth wave was immense, crashed violently on the coast, and changed the coastline forever. The fifth wave saw the first people walk along the shore and carried their first vessel. The sixth wave, deep blue and sparkling, lost its power in artificial water defence systems and marine litter.

The seventh wave is still coming to full maturity. Do we give the seventh wave room to be wave? Or are we going to deprive her from all her glory? Are we listening to the sound of the seven waves in us?

They tell us that movement is inherent in life. The trick is to choose the wave that suits your life or, if you want, to create your own wave.