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Doctors in Scotland prescribe nature

What a great initiative, on the Shetland Island in Scotland, that doctors are authorized to prescribe “nature” to their patients!  Shetland even has a calendar with nature recipes, or suggestions for  nature recipes within health programs, full of attractive and practical, nature-related suggestions.

Doctors have welcomed the therapy, which may reduce their dependence on medication for some patients.

Nature as medicine, preventive and curative, that’s how it should be in health care (programs) all over the world!


Source – foto: Positive.News 

Nature For Health and Seven Waves welcome this Scottish initiative and will help to present it as a best practice example that it deserves to be followed throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Rob Wolters is involved in the further rollout of this approach, including an “nature on doctors prescription”- initiative in the Netherlands.

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