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On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, an inspiring Green Mental Health seminar on giving meaning to life in relation to nature and (positive) mental health care took place at Stichting Urtica de Vijfsprong in Vorden, The Netherlands.

Urtica de Vijfsprong director Astrid van Zon opened the seminar together with NFH executive Rob Wolters, who represented the IVN/NFH Green Mental Healthcare (Groene GGZ) core team. Rob welcomed everyone on behalf of the Groene GGZ, discussed the importance of nature for mental health and healthcare and ended with an appeal: “I cannot imagine a better and more effective treatment than a treatment that includes medication (where necessary), meaningful activities, listening & talking, giving meaning and contact with nature.”

Astrid had an inspired story about her vision and experiences in the field of people, nature and meaning, and how this is put into practice at Urtica de Vijfsprong. She emphasized the importance of reciprocity. Experience expert Chantal gave a practical insight into how nature has helped her and still helps her health. Piet J. Verhagen, professor by special appointment at KULeuven and psychiatrist GGZ Centraal, and Machteld Huber (founder of Positive Health) gave their views on the relationship between meaning and (positive) mental health and the role of nature in this. The presentations were well received by seminar participants.

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