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In October 2020,  the “Healing Landscape Day” will take place in the Van Gogh National Park (The Netherlands), also as a prelude to #LandscapeTriennial2021.

The mission of “Healing landscape” is to increase public support for the landscape as a healing force for the health of people and nature and to support social movements in that area.

The corona crisis has shown us that human health and nature are inextricably linked: no healthy person without a healthy earth. The World Health Organization (WHO) has therefore placed nature conservation at number 1 in its “Manifesto for a healthy recovery from Covid-19” . The UN and the European Union also give higher priority to the themes of health and biodiversity, through the Global Goals and in all relevant EU policies, including the “EU Biodiversity Strategy

This is going to be very beautiful: surprising activities with impact and appearance at at least 2 locations in the Van Gogh National Park: the Steenfabriek in Udenhout and the Inspiration Centrum Nature For Health in Berkel-Enschot. Connection of Landgoed Haarendael in Haaren is being explored. Part of the Day is the debate “Healing landscape, heal the landscape”.

The Healing Landscape Day is coordinated by Nature For Health, with Rob Wolters as project leader together with Joop van Hezik, and a core team of partners. The Day is sponsored by Rabobank Hart van Brabant, Nature For Health and Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten, among others. Consultation is underway with other possible financiers, including Lionsclub Tilburg – Regte Heide.

(The picture is made on Natura 2000 site Regte Heide, where Rob Wolters was interviewed about the healing landscape theme).