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Rob Wolters

Seven Waves

Inspirator, connector and manager

| From vision to action | Nature & nature oriented innovations | Circular economy transitions | Health & Nature

Who am I?

I am Rob Wolters, inspirator, connector and manager, and have been working passionately for several decades on shaping new social and economic paradigms, connections, innovations and partnerships, in which nature and sustainability are central. Both nationally and internationally.

Inspirator, connector and manager

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My Services

Management & Facilitation

Management and interim management and facilitation of seminars and congresses.


International expertise and lobbying, a very extensive and effective national and international network.

Health & Nature

Seven Waves has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of nature, green space and health.

Natuur & Innovations

Seven Waves specializes in nature and nature-oriented innovations.

Circular economy

Seven Waves was at the cradle of a circular economy, and the bringing together of “economy” and “ecology”.

Within and between these fields I create connections, I stimulate innovations, help to develop visions and to make a big leap into practice. I help to create support and trust.

Any questions?

When at the wheel of an organisation or project, Rob is a real driving force. But he does this not only by himself but in cooperation with his colleagues and staff.

Mike Mannaart Executive Secretary and Head Research & Advice with KIMO Netherlands and Belgium

Rob is one of the most experienced professional person in Europe in the field of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of nature resources.

Radoje LausevicFormer Deputy Executive Director Regional Environmental Center and now Entrepreneur at Partner Consulting, Serbia and Montenegro

Rob is a great facilitator, someone who listens, seeks and finds solutions. Knowledgeable, informed and targeted. And don't be surprised if he surprises you!

Sjur BaardsenDean, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

When Rob gets involved, he gets involved. The expression 'go forit' applies to him as if he had invented it. He manages to develop vision, operationalise it and put it into practice all three at the same time.

Manuel SuurhoffDirecteur Bedrijfsvoering/CFO SKPOEL