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“What a wonderful organization, BuurtzorgT. If the organization had not already been invented and established, we should have done so today. For me, the focus and principles of BuurtzorgT reflect the desired future for helping all people with mental problems. Not primarily as a patient alone, but as a person in her or his social and physical environment. Shaping #stewardownership at BuurtzorgT fits perfectly with the DNA of the organization and my vision on organizational development.” With these sentences, Rob Wolters introduced himself as a new member of the Board of Commissioners (Raad van Commissarissen) of BuurtzorgT.

He continues: “Great to be part of broadening and deepening the path taken by BuurtzorgT. To listen to what is going on in the organization, in our field of work, in society. And to work with BuurtzorgT to be and remain that wonderful, innovative and people-oriented organization.”

BuurtzorgT treats people with a psychological or psychiatric disorder. BuurtzorgT treats people at home, in their physical and social environment. She does this because it is the best care.

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