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I am Rob Wolters, no. 6 on the list of Water Natuurlijk (Natural Water) of “Waterschap (water board) de Brabantse Delta”. I want to make the region of Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands more beautiful and healthier. Not “back to the past”, but “back to the future”. With a spring  as a spring should be: exuberantly beautiful and diverse, bird singing everywhere, meandering streams, clean running water in which you can see fishes swimming. With farmers who cooperate with nature, and who therefore give priority to healthy waterretaining soils. And who step backk from pesticides more and more. Because things can be done differently, can be better, can be healthier.

A Noord-Brabant region with a provincial government and water boards that say a clear “no!” to continuing large-scale petrification of the Brabant rural and urban areas. That say no against new logistics centers, that affect biodiversity, soils and water systems. Because it has been enough. Because it is unhealthy for people and nature. Because we have to be economical on land and nature. And on our health and of that of our children.

But also a Noord-Brabant with citizens who know that they are also responsible and green their gardens, roofs or balconies. Because all steps in the right direction help. Citizens who make a choice for a healthy person in a healthy green living environment. Does this appeal to you? Then vote on March 15, 2023 on Water Natuurlijk.