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Tilburg, The Hague, 17 July 2023

Strategy and investment agenda #Nature inclusive #Health of the Nature inclusive agenda is alive and kicking. We’re on the move!

The Nature-inclusive Health domain, led by Renske Visscher and Rob Wolters teogether, started 1 year later than the other domains. So we made a sprint from the start in January last. And what has that yielded so far?

Ø There is a first draft of a strategy and investment agenda for nature-inclusive health, including the necessary inspiring actions / initiatives. Think of actions such as greening the premises of health institutions, offering nature-oriented perspectives for the more than 1 million people who stand on the side of the social highway (action “Green Escape”) and the action Nature-inclusive Health Local.
Ø Agreements have been made with other domains on cross-domain actions, such as the “Harvesting of Health” action (working title) with the Agriculture domain and the Monetary public health benefits of national parks action with the Finance domain.
Ø An energetic kick-off meeting Nature inclusive Health took place, a great core team Nature-inclusive Health was formed, which met twice, and during the amazing 1st #Nature-Inclusive Summit the workshop ‘Live and Let Live’ took place, with inspiring nature inclusive health frontrunners.
Ø The inspirational seminar Nature, including boost: National Parks and Health, was organized together with the Netherlands Bureau National Parks.
Ø And many exploratory consultations have taken place, of which I mention a (large) handful here without being exhaustive: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Alles is Gezondheid, Dutch Healthcare Authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit), Health Insurers Netherlands (ZN-Zorgverzekeraars Nederland), IVN- Institute for Nature Education, Nature For Health, Staatsbosbeheer, #Groene11, Pharos, MVO Nederland, Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland, the Netherlands GGZ, #IPO and a number of provinces, GGD GHOR Nederland, VNG, Duurzame Verpleegkundige, #TripleE, Wandelnet, Stichting Gezond Natuur Wandelen #BasisinBeweging, #BloomHealthyLife, #NationaleParkenbureau, #KeekYourChange, several municipalities, etc. etc.
Ø We participated in the work meetings of domain leaders and other relevant NI consultations, such as the NiNO, and there were many consultations between the Health domain and the Program Office Agenda Nature-inclusive.

We are moving full steam ahead towards a full and robust nature-inclusive health investment agenda as part of an equally powerful Nature-Inclusive 2.0 Agenda. Everyone who cooperates, and that is already a lot of people, organizations and institutions, thank you very much! Special thanks also to my colleague #domain coordinators and the people of the Program Office Agenda Nature Inclusive.