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13 general practitioners, practice nurses, physiotherapists and several other healthcare providers and health organizations contributed to the Nature on Prescription Month Reeshof (City of Tilburg) by pointing out the importance of being outside in nature for at least 20 minutes per day to patients and residents. Nature on Prescription posters were posted at all participating practices and at many institutions and people were actively reminded of contact with nature and Nature on Represcription walks during this month. This was supported by a targeted social media campaign, physical presence at Reeshof meetings, such as the Heijhoef Association Market, and publications in local and regional media.

At the beginning of the Month, the ‘Referral Card for Nature on Prescription Reeshof – Van Gogh National Park’ was launched. The first copy was presented by initiators Rob Wolters (Executive Nature For Health Foundation) and Frank van den Eijnden (Operational Director Van Gogh National Park). Alderman Maarten van Asten of Tilburg municipality received the referral card in the green ‘outer city’ district of the Reeshof of the municipality of Tilburg.

The alderman reacted enthusiastically and said: “How special is that! A National Park and a neighborhood initiative that find each other. It is a good example of broad cooperation. It also fits seamlessly into our policy.” Health care providers in and around the Reeshof can use the card to refer patients to the green landscape that starts almost at the front door in Brabant: Van Gogh National Park. It is the first time in the Netherlands that such a collaboration has been designed with the involvement of a national park.

In the Nature on Prescritpion Month – seven – beautiful Nature on Prescription walks took place, led by health experts, for everyone, but also specific age groups such as 65+ and young people.

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