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Rob Wolters signed the Green Deal Sustainable Care on behalf of Nature For Health

A new round of the Sustainable Care Green Deal took place on 15 May 2019. 32 organizations signed the deal in Amersfoort. With this they commit themselves to making the health care sector in the Netherlands more sustainable. Nature For Health (NFH) was one of the signatories. Rob Wolters signed the Green Deal on behalf of NFH, in the presence of the Minister of Medical Care, Bruno Bruins (see photo). Since October 2018, 132 organizations have already signed the Green Deal.

The objective is to make more efficient use of raw materials and to ensure cleaner water and a healthy living environment in addition to reducing CO2. The healthcare sector  wants to strongly reduce its contribution to environmental pollution and climate change. Nature For Health focuses primarily on pillar 4 of the Green Deal, which focusses on improving the living environment of healthcare institutions and beyond.

NFH has committed to :

Ø Sharing experiences about  the importance of nature and (public) greene  for dementia, oncology, stress-related diseases, and mental health problems, and helping to realize a green living environment in neighborhoods and around care institutions;

Ø Providing opportunities for dialogue and exchange of experiences and expertise in the field of “nature for health” through work inspiration sessions, seminars and congresses, including international congresses;

Ø To help stimulate research and practical situations in the field of integrating nature and green in health programs and treatments for diseases (“nature as medicine”) and for the prevention of health problems (prevention).

10 October 2019 is the next meeting of the Green Deal partners.